For our first entry in our new blog, we thought that we should start off with something special.  A tale that involves saving money, replacing custom-built stands with ISOframe, combining different ISOframe systems together and making a stand environmentally friendly.

Reading this story really could change your perceptions of modular, re-usable exhibition systems - they aren't just for small shell scheme stands and they can provide stunning results!


Back in 2015, we contacted PADI regarding their exhibition stand at ADEX Asia Dive Expo in Singapore.  They sent us the existing design for their custom-built booth and we provided the quotation.  Unfortunately we were too expensive in 2015, but we approached them again for the same exhibition in 2016.  They gave us exactly the same custom stand design to quote for, shown in the photo on the right - a 6m backwall consisting of a 3m high tower with LCD and storage area, flanked by 2 x 2.5m high graphic walls.  

We knew then that the custom stand would be thrown away after each show and as the requirements hadn't changed since 2015, we suggested reproducing the same design using our ISOframe Display Systems - this would mean that the entire stand could be re-used again the following year, and it could be easily packed down and shipped to other shows.  PADI actually decided to stick with their same custom stand for 2016, but April 2017 was a different matter! 

The first, and most important, thing that we had to do was to replicate the design and this was very easy to do!  For the central 2m wide x 3m high tower, we simply used our ISOframe Fabric System.  The front of the tower is covered with a one-piece, seamless, tension-fabric panel, with no creases, into which we cut a hole for the LCD bracket to hang the 42" screen.

For the storage area, we used a standard ISOframe Fabric Door Module, which gives a lockable entrance, covered with more tension-fabric graphic panels.

What really made the stand come alive, and transform it into something way above the custom-built stand, was the introduction of an ISOframe Lightbox either side of the central ISOframe Fabric Tower.  The lightboxes are the newest additions to the ISOframe range, and available up to 2.5m wide x 2.5m high, they can bring even the most standard designs come alive.  The ISOframe Lightboxes were connected to the ISOframe Fabric using simple bicycle wheel-style twist connectors, meaning that we provided a seamless 6m wide structure.

Recreating and transforming the custom-stand was only half of the story.  Despite the obvious Environmental reasons for using a re-usable exhibition stand, it still had to fit in with existing budgets but we were confident that we could show considerable cost savings to PADI, even after just 1 year of use.

We knew that PADI would be exhibiting in 4 countries each year and we knew what their budget for each custom-stand was.  So we contacted FedEx to get the shipping rates for each event, compared these costs to getting the custom stand installed at each exhibition, and we could then show PADI that they could save themselves SGD$30,000 over 2 years by switching to the ISOframe systems - not forgetting the considerable environmental benefits made by not disposing of the custom-stand after each exhibition.

One of main ways PADI can save money is by installing the stand themselves - that's right, even a 6m x 3m stand can be easily built by you!  No longer do you need to pay an exhibition company to set up the stand for you.  We provided on-the-job training during the 1st set-up in Singapore, and with each part being labelled and clear written instructions provided by us, PADI are now able to go to Bangkok, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur and easily set up their stand all by themselves.

So by using a combination of ISOframe Fabric and ISOframe Lightboxes, not only could we recreate the custom stand, but we could improve it.  We saved PADI a considerable amount of money on construction costs, re-install costs and we've helped with their image as an environmentally-friendly Dive Organisation.

Our message is simple - Don't be afraid of change... choose ISOframe, it'll be the best change you make all year.

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