In Singapore, we find that the concept of a modular exhibition stand is still alien to a lot of people.  Traditionally the options were banner stands and pop-up frames at the smaller end of the scale and custom-built options at the larger end, with very little available in between.  Now there are  more options available, particularly with our unique ISOframe range getting more and more popular, but with modular systems usually costing more than a similar-sized pop-up or more than a custom-built option, many people still choose to take the short-term view and go with the cheaper option.

However, going with the cheap option doesn't always mean that you are getting value for money and in the long-run, the cheap option may end up costing you more.  We've been working with Wells Fargo in Asia-Pacific since 2014 and are currently working on our 4th reincarnation of their exhibition stand for their main event in Singapore in September.  The previous stands are all made from our ISOframe Wave system and each year, the stand has evolved as Wells Fargo's requirements have changed but due to the modular nature of the ISOframe Wave, we haven't had to start from scratch each time.

Wells Fargo, 2014:

For the 1st event in 2014, the requirements were fairly rudimentary - they needed a graphic backdrop with shelves and a counter to display their giveaways (including the legendary Wells Fargo Ponies!).  This was easy to achieve with ISOframe Wave, using the ISOframe Wave Shelving module on one end, which can take lightweight products very easily.  Using an ISOframe Counter at the front, we were able to give Wells Fargo exactly what they wanted.

For the 2015 stand, they wanted to go wider, higher and have more on display.  So instead of having to start from scratch we were able to use the 2014 stand as the starting point, and we added a couple of extra standard Graphic Modules, along with an ISOframe Display Showcase Module at each end.  To get the extra height above the Display Showcases, we simply added an extra Extension Post, which took the height up to 3m.  Finally, we replaced the ISOframe Counter with a larger ISObar counter, and although the change from 2014 was dramatic, the basis of the 2014 stand can still be seen.

Wells Fargo 2015

No major structural changes were required for the 2016 event, as they had received so much positive feedback from the 2015 stand, so the backdrop remained exactly the same.  However we did need to try to separate the stand from the exhibitors to the left.  Wells Fargo wanted to have a seating area to speak to their clients in and although they didn't need a private area, did want to feel a little enclosed.

With ISOframe Wave, this was easily done!  We simply added 3 low-level curved sections to the left side of the stand which connected seamlessly with the Display Showcase, put graphic panels on both sides and this worked perfectly!

Wells Fargo 2016:

We think you'll agree that there is a striking difference between the 2014 and 2016 stands but by using the modular ISOframe Wave, Wells Fargo have been able to save themselves considerable amounts of money each year by simply adding modules to the existing structure and evolving the stand, instead of having to start from scratch every time.  

So when it comes to purchasing your next exhibition stand, it's best to consider the difference between the Cost of the stand and the Value of a stand.  We know there are cheaper options than the ISOframe range on the market but do they offer the same value in the long-run?  Examples like Wells Fargo above, PADI here and CIPD here show that the ISOframe range of systems offer tremendous value for money.

Give us a call or drop us an email and we'll happily talk to you about how ISOframe can transform your Exhibition Stand.