We're almost as excited to post these ISOframe Wave reconfiguration photos as a parent would be of posting photos of their kids!  Like any proud parent, every once in a while, you have to brag and show the world how great your kids are!

Well, it's our turn to brag about ISOframe Wave.  We think you'll be excited when you see these ISOframe Wave stands that we produced for CIPD change right before your eyes, as they illustrate what we have been trying to tell everyone all along - ISOframe Wave's customisable, modular units are an economical and intelligent choice for when you exhibit at multiple shows with different stand configurations and sizes.  ISOframe Wave handles these changes with ease.

We are going to tell you about how the ISOframe Wave handled 5 exhibitions and events in 3 countries, with 5 different display configurations.

In 2016, CIPD were exhibiting at the HR Summit in Singapore and had booked an an 8m x 3m stand with 1 side open.  With a lot of books and brochures to display, we integrated 4 Display Showcases along with a couple of LCD screens, a counter and a door unit, all built around a 3.4m high central tower and it was a great success - it even won the show's award for Best Stand!

Then in November 2016, we shipped the stand over to Hong Kong for the HKIHRM Exhibition but this time, CIPD had a 6m x 3m corner booth, so we had to make changes but as ISOframe Wave is a modular system, the changes were very easy to make and didn't alter the overall look and feel of the stand at all.  We simply left 2 of the Display Showcases in Singapore, along with one of the TVs, the built-in counter and the door section - all very simple!

We knew when the stand was initially being designed that we would need to remove some graphic panels for some exhibitions, so by having a clean and straightforward design, panels can easily be removed without changing the graphic message.

Many of our clients don't just want to use their stand at tradeshows, they have seminars and smaller events often in hotels where they need to brand the rooms.  Step forward again CIPD's ISOframe Wave stand!  At this breakout session pictured below, CIPD didn't need to show any of the literature, they just needed their branding - so we just removed all of the Display Showcases and TV's to leave this 6m wide graphic backdrop, placed alongside the main projection screen:

Then we had a quick turnaround to get the stand up to Kuala Lumpur, where we then had another 6m x 3m stand, but this time with just the one side open, so we reverted back to just the 2 Display Showcases but we then utilised the unique Flexi-Wave link to bend and curve the exhibit to fill the sides.

The Flexi-Wave links were put to good use again just last week at the 2017 HR Summit back in Singapore.  Again we had a corner booth, but this time the open side was on the left.  So as well as easily changing the position of the counter (see how this time it is on the left of the stand, but at the 2016 HR Summit it was on the right), we just flexed the panels to leave the left hand side open - easy really!

Re-usable, reconfigurable modular trade show exhibits are not too good to be true.. they exist in the ISOframe family of displays.  ISOframe is Intelligent Exhibiting and we want to brag about that!

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