5kgs - 30 seconds - 5 square meters.

These are the key figures that you need to know for our new ShowFlex Fabric Display Stand:

It weighs only 5kgs, so you can easily travel around with it

It only takes 30 seconds to set it up.. is there any other system that is as quick?

It measures 2.29m x 2.29m.. that's the same size as a pop-up frame but ShowFlex is a fraction of the weight, takes a fraction of the time, but has just as much impact.


We're always looking for new products to provide our clients with as many options as possible for their Exhibition Stands.  Some clients want something light and portable, others need something stronger and sturdy to hold LCD screens or product displays.

We've now added the ShowFlex Umbrella display to our range and we think this is an exceptional choice for anyone who travels abroad to exhibit, or who just wants to quickly set up a backdrop at a show in Singapore.

The standard size is 2.29m x 2.29m, but there are also Portrait and Landscape options available.

Take a look at our webpage for more details - https://amberandgreen.com.hk/showflex and call us to make an appointment to come and see the ShowFlex in our Showroom!