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ISOframe Ripple

When simplicity, flexibility and value-for-money for your Exhibition Stand are essential

ISOframe Ripple is a revolutionary, flexible alternative to using a traditional pop-up frame for your Exhibition Stand.  The Ripple’s unique design lets you change the shape of your backdrop to suit your needs:  Use it in a straight line at one exhibition, as a curve to fit across your corner booth at the next, it’s up to you and all you need to do is bend the panels to create your ideal shape.

The Ripple’s modular design means you can enlarge or reduce the size of your backdrop whenever is necessary.  Turn your 3-panel Ripple into a 5-panel, your 5-panel into a 7-panel display, so if you use 3m x 3m, 4m x 3m or 6m x 3m shell scheme booths, your ISOframe Ripple will fit into each one.

Different Sizes of ISOframe Ripple Exhibition Stand in a shell scheme exhibition booth

To get this flexibility from your exhibition stand is unheard of and gives you unrivalled value-for-money

When you also consider the Ripple comes with a 10 year warranty (frame only), the Ripple makes a compelling case for moving away from traditional, standard pop-up frames and making the switch to ISOframe.

ISOframe is Intelligent Exhibiting.  Make the Switch To ISOframe.

With ISOframe Ripple you can create the exhibition stand you need:

 – Change the shape any time you like.
 – Use it straight or curved
 – Reduce or increase the size at any time
 – Attach Media Screens
 – 10 year Warranty (frame hardware only)


Watch our video to find out more.

If you need LCD Workstations on your Exhibition Stand, with larger LCD Screens and Built-in Counters, take a look at our ISOframe Wave system here.

Bend ISOframe Ripple Into Any Shape

Design Ideas for your ISOframe Ripple Exhibition Stand

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