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Don’t stress about getting stuck with only one shape to work from. You can flex the lightweight ISOframe Ripple into almost any shape you want and also reduce or enlarge the size of your display to suit your needs.

No matter how you shape your ISOframe Ripple, you’ll enjoy a clean, contemporary display that creates a strong visual impact at your trade shows, retail locations and more.

Above left is our standard 3-Panel / 2.4m wide ISOframe Ripple, with a 5-Panel / 4m wide Ripple on the right.  Each panel is 80cm wide and as long as you have an odd-number of panels, your Ripple can be as wide as you like.  Below you can see how you can flex your Ripple into any shape you like.


Add or remove panels one-by-one as required. Media screen attachments, spotlights and a unique case-to-table counter solution are available as accessories.

Tool-Free, Easy Assembly in 5 Quick Steps

Transform the Carry-Case into a Counter

ISOframe Ripple.. Intelligent Exhibiting.

Design Ideas