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ISOframe Ripple

When simplicity, portability and value-for-money are essential

ISOframe Ripple is a lightweight, compact and flexible linking banner stand that is easy to assemble, transport and re-use.  The Flexi-Link System allows you to bend and flex the system to fit different sized booths, while you can add on extra graphic panels at any time.

Traditional pop-up frames don’t offer such unbelievable flexibility so If you need simplicity, portability and value for money, ISOframe Ripple is the display stand for you.

ISOframe Ripple can easily be reconfigured and so it’s perfect if you need the flexibility to adjust your exhibition stand to suit a variety of spaces at different events and venues.

It is versatile too; add accessories including media screens, spotlights and tables to create a stand that provides everything you need.

Watch our video to find out more:

Design Ideas

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