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ISOframe Lightbox

Stunning Backlit Exhibition Stands

ISOframe Lightbox provides a high-impact display in shell-scheme booths and freestanding spaces.  It can be built to up to 3m wide x 2.5m high and provides a large seamless display with no visible joins and with built-in LEDs.

Your ISOframe Lightbox display stand will light up any room, turning your regular fabric graphics into beautiful and eye-catching displays with rich and vibrant colours.

Using tension-fabric graphics and our patented FASTclamp technology, ISOframe Lightbox can be set up quickly, easily, with no tools required, and gives you a stunning, contemporary exhibition stand in minutes.

Watch our video to find out more:


The ISOframe Lightbox can be connected together to other ISOframe systems such as the ISOframe Fabric or ISOframe Wave.

For Tricentis, below left and centre, we’ve connected an ISOframe Lightbox to an ISOframe Wave system to create both a 7m wide exhibit complete with an LCD Workstation, and also a 3m wide exhibit.

For FedEx we have connected 2 ISOframe Lightboxes either side of a 3m wide ISOframe Fabric frame to create a stunning 6m wide x 2.4m high exhibit that will fit on a shell scheme or raw space booth

Finally, if your unsure about the effect a Lightbox will have on your graphics, take a look:

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