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Stress-Free Service for International Exhibitors coming to Hong Kong


Exhibiting in Hong Kong when you are based abroad can be a daunting experience. You may not have a local office or a local presence in Hong Kong, you may have to contend with different time zones, different tradeshow rules, and it can be very difficult to find a reputable, trustworthy company to work with.

This is why we pay special attention to International companies when they approach us. Many of you will only know us through our website when they first make contact, so we try to put you at ease very quickly, reassure you that you will be looked after and make you feel confident that your exhibition stand will be exactly as you want it.

Some international clients like to use us as their “Asia Hub” – they save on the costs of couriering everything to and from their offices by storing items with us and we then manage their APAC Exhibitions around Asia, taking care of the booth, brochures, giveaways etc – around Asia. 

We also have an extensive rental program available, with ISOframe Wave, Fabric and Lightbox options available but whether you purchase or rent from us, or send us your existing booth, we’ll do all that we can to ensure that exhibiting in Hong Kong is as stress-free as possible.


We can provide the following services:


  • – Rental of Modular Exhibition Stands
  • – Design and construction of Custom Stands
  • – Installation & Dismantle
  • – Rental of LCD Screens
  • – Send your brochures and giveaways to our offices prior to the exhibition
  • – After the show, we’ll take your booth, leftover brochures and giveaways back to our offices and courier them back to you or store them for your next show

Here are just some of the Internationally-based Companies that we have been fortunate to work with:

    • Cushman & Wakefield – based in Shanghai
    • Tricentis – based in Australia
    • FedEx – based in Hong Kong
    • Datto – based in Australia
    • Tibco Software – based in Hong Kong
    • PADI – based in Australia
    • DAMAC – based in Dubai
    • Zycus – based in India
    • Wells Fargo – based in Hong Kong and London
    • W&H Dental – based in Australia
    • Jade Software – based in New Zealand


Contact us now to see how Amber & Green can help you exhibit in Hong Kong!