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ISOframe Custom

The Reusable and Money-Saving Option for Custom Exhibition Stands

Custom-built exhibition stands are a main feature of all exhibitions.  Designed to your exact requirements, they can look stunning but custom-built stands are also the most expensive option for your booth – expensive in terms of cost and also the cost to the environment.

Amber & Green are fundamentally opposed to supplying one-time use, disposable exhibition stands, they are a waste of a company’s resources and a waste of our planet’s resources.  We prefer to use our reusable, reconfigurable ISOframe range, in particular our ISOframe Fabric and ISOframe Lightbox systems that can be joined together to create stunning designs – you wouldn’ve even know they weren’t custom-made.

Planning is the key to getting maximum financial and environmental benefits from using ISOframe for your custom booth.  If you can plan ahead and look ahead at your program of exhibitions over the next 12 months, we can design an exhibition stand for you to fit all of your booth sizes.

Below is a great example from PADI, who made the switch to ISOframe from a Custom-Built booth.  On the left is their custom booth, in the middle is our visual and on the right is their ISOframe Fabric and ISOframe Lightbox booth that they have used since 2017 in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

Design Ideas

All of the designs below are made using either ISOframe Wave, ISOframe Fabric, ISOframe Lightbox or a combination of the systems.  Every single item shown is stored and kept for future use, nothing is destroyed after the exhibition.

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